M/s. ARIYA HI-TECH PIPE AND COMPONENT PVT LTD., manufacturers of various types of PLASTIC PIPES and COMPONENTS for liquid transport applications, are committed to achieve and enhance customer satisfaction by complying with the requirements of the customers and applicable standards.

This will be achieved through continually improving all our customer focused processes and the quality Management system.

Quality assurance

A Sincent Quality control system during the process from raw material level to end Product. In all quality checks in each stage are recorded and strictly traceability is maintained.

After sales, periodically our service Engineers are used to meet our dealers, directly with the Customers. If any complaints, dissatisfaction of the customer are completely wipped of their itself by giving them proper information, guide line and education.

Periodically we had a Customer meet, we exchange our views and carefully used to collect their suggestion and implement where our possible and accepted.

We have a good retrieval team consisting of Engineer, plumber and two workers with all necessary equipments to pull out the damaged pipe if any, with our own transport within 24 hours our team will arrived when the complaints there.

We have another Erection team consisting of Engineer, plumber and workers to erect our column pipe and educate the local plumbers.