Elastic Modulus and Tensile Strength

RAW MATERIALS:PVC Resin, Stabilizers, Stearic Acid - lubricants, Titanium dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Black, Impact Modifiers.


PVC resin, Heat stabilizer, Lubricants, Filler, Pigments and Colorants are added together in quantities required to make sound quality pipes. Then they are fed into the high speed mixer-cooler where the materials are mixed homogeneously and the moisture is removed from the material. The compounded material is fed into the extruder.


The contra rotating twin screw extruder pushes the compounded material in forward direction and simultaneously homogeneous mixing takes place. The complete barrel is externally fitted with heaters and automatic temperature controllers. Hence the compound gets melted and enters into the die-zone. All the dies are covered with heaters and controlled by the temperature controllers. The extrudate passes through the sizer where the cooling takes place and the required dimensions of pipe is achieved. The pipe is continuously pulled by the haul off unit. Then it passes through the cutting unit where the pipe is cut in a required length.

Finished Product

The pipes are bell mouthed by socket machine and subsequently the pipes are sent to the Q.C. Lab for testing.


After testing, Q.C. approved pipes are screened and sent to the stockyard for despatch. The rejected pipes are scrapped.